The phone number for National Book Foundation is 051-2255572, 9261533, 9261535, 9261036, 9261123. We are sharing with you all the National Book Foundation Contact Number, National Book Foundation  Social Media, National Book Foundation Email Address, If you want to reach it, go to the address: 6-Mauve Area, G-8/4, Taleemi Chowk, P. Box No. 1169, Islamabad.

national book foundation phone number

National Book Foundation Phone Number & Details

Address:6-Mauve Area, G-8/4, Taleemi Chowk, P. Box No. 1169, Islamabad
Contact Number:051-2255572, 9261533, 9261535, 9261036, 9261123
Social Media:
ISLAMABAD STOREAddress: 6-Mauve Area, G-8/4, Taleemi Chowk, Islamabad

Contact Number: 051-9261125 – 2261372

WAH CANTTAddress: NBF Bookshop, Central Library Premises, Wah Cantt.
Contact Number: 051-9314004
LAHOREAddress: 56 Shadman Colony Shadman Market, Lahore
Contact Number: 042-99203863-5
FAISALABADAddress: Shop No. 10, Hashmi Hall Shopping Centre, University of Agriculture
Contact Number: 041-2648179
MULTANAddress: Plot No. 4-5-6, M.D.A. Road, Near Multan Art Council, Multan
Contact Number: 061-9201281
BAHAWALPURAddress: Quaid-i-Azam Medical College, Near Library, Bahawalpur.
Contact Number: 0301-7247613
PESHAWARAddress: Phase-V, Sector B-2, Plot No. 36-37, Hayatabad, Peshawar
Contact Number: 091-9217273
ABBOTTABADAddress: First Floor, Public Library Jalal Baba Auditorium, Abbottabad
Contact Number: 0992-9310291
QUETTAAddress: 3-7/5, Faiz Muhammad Road, Quetta
Contact Number: 081-9201570 Fax 9201869
KarachiAddress: Liaquat Memorial Library Premises, Ground Floor, Stadium Road, Karachi
Contact Number: 021- 9231806 – 9231088
HYDERABADAddress: GOR Colony, C-22, Latifabad, No. 1.Hyderabad
Contact Number: 022- 9200251
JACOBABADAddress: Red Crescent Building, Near T. B. Hospital, Jaccobabad
Contact Number: 0721-650817
SUKKURAddress: Public Library, Old Sukkur
Contact Number: 071-9310892
LARKANAAddress: Chandka Medical College, Main Gate, Larkana
Contact Number: 0741-9410229
JAMSHOROAddress: Shop No. 14, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Science, Jamshoro.
NAWABSHAHAddress: M.H Khawaja D.C High School, Opposite N.M.C., Hospital Road, Nawabshah.
Contact Number: 0320-5075382