The phone number for Afzal Electronics Kasur is 049-2761201-049-2761200. We are sharing with you all the Afzal Electronics Kasur Contact Number, Afzal Electronics Kasur Helpline Number, Afzal Electronics Kasur Email Address, Afzal Electronics Kasur Address is located at Near Raja Center Railway Road Kasur Lahore.

afzal electronics kasur phone number

Afzal Electronics Kasur Phone Number & Detailed Information

Address:Near Raja Center Railway Road Kasur
Contact Number:049-2761201-049-2761200
Afzal Electronics Kachehri RoadAddress: Kachehri Road, Chowk Kot Piranwala, Kot Piranwala, Kot Ghulam Muhammad, Kasur
Contact Number: 049-2760065, 049-2760064
Afzal Electronics Raiwind RoadAddress: Khan Mahal Chowk Raiwind Road Kasur,
Contact Number: 049-2727857, 049-2727858

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